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Ultimate Bracket Charger


Ultimate Bracket Charger


This project for Greg Ruleau sets a new bar for Exteme in bracket racing.  This ProCharged 250" wheelbase Chrome-Worx Ultracar is nothing short of amazing.  We are so lucky to have the privlage of building hot rods like this for our customers.  It is very rewarding to see a project that pushes the envelpe turn in to a work of art.  This car isn't just another dragster with lots of paint and chrome, this car is built with the best parts avialable and has an extremly high attention to detail on assembly from nose to tail and top side to underneath. 

Special thanks to our return customer Greg Ruleau for choosing us to build him the most extreme bracket car we have seen yet. 

250" A.R.C. Swingarm Chassis

A.P.D. Pro Charged Engine

Hughes XP4 Trans with billet 10" converter

Goethe HD constant velocity driveshaft

Mark Williams Full Floater with 300m axles, dual brakes, and ceramic bearings

Weld Delta 1 billet wheels with titanium hardware

Penske Racing Shock

Todd's Extreme Paint everywhere

Full Carbon fiber belly pan from nose to tail (traction at high MPH)

ISP custom upholstered pour in seat

ISP 3 piece head surround

Racepak v-300 (IQ3 dash, shock travel, driveshaft rpm, oil pressure, water, trans temp, trans pressure, boost, vacuum, fuel pressure, and c02 bottle pressure)